Professional Athletes & Sports Executives

We Specialize in Tax Planning and Accounting Services for Professional Athletes and Sports-Industry Executives.

professional athletes and sports accounting

Your Winning Team

  • E. Cohen and Company, CPAs leads the field in helping you reach your financial goals.
  • Our team knows the drill for taming your taxes and saving you money.
  • We specialize in game-winning strategies for pro athletes and sports-industry professionals.
  • Let us go to bat for you with the IRS, state, and local tax agencies.


download sports accounting brochureOur Winning Services

Our financial-planning playbook includes:

  • Federal and state tax return preparation
  • Multi-state and international tax issues
  • Tax planning and cash flow projections
  • Bill paying and bookkeeping
  • Tax-efficient investment strategies
  • Wealth preservation and financial planning
  • Charitable giving and estate planning

professional sports accounting tips

Game-Winning Tax Tips

  • Athletes are a target for IRS and state audits
  • Being traded can be very costly in terms of state taxes
  • Purchasing a uniform number can be tax deductible
  • Rookie dinners and other expenses can be tax deductible
  • League and team fines are tax deductible
  • Agents’ fees are tax deductible
  • Different states have different rules for taxing pro athletes, and not knowing the rules can be costly
  • The duty-days method is generally more beneficial than the games-played method