Executive Leaders Radio


Executive Leaders Radio conducts “elite interviews” of prominent CEOs, CFOs, and Presidents focusing on “what makes people tick.”

The ten to twenty-five minute on-air interviews are really informal POSITIVE conversations. Guests may be asked about their background education, influences, mentors and early career experiences, asked about their business, what they do and who they serve. They may be asked about opportunities ahead, challenges they have faced or their senior management team. Interests outside of work, personal turning points and family sacrifices capture the unique human aspect behind these prominent leaders.

All of these questions are designed to help our audience learn “what it takes to succeed.”

Alex Brager, CPA on Executive Leaders Radio*

Business Spotlight by Kevin Swatt, CPA

Donna Mahan, CPA on Executive Leaders Radio**

*Full Broadcast on Executive Leaders Radio.
**Full Broadcast on Executive Leaders Radio.

Alex Brager, CPA, Partner

Alex Brager, CPA

Donna Mahan, CPA, Partner

Donna Mahan, CPA

Kevin Swatt, CPA, Sr. Audit Mgr.

Kevin Swatt, CPA
Sr. Audit Mgr.