CFO Consulting Services

We deliver exceptional financial expertise enabling businesses to seize opportunities for growth, change and success.

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Our goal is to help you manage and grow your business more effectively through custom, cost-effective, and integrated financial management expertise when you need it, and on a scale that makes sense for your budget and needs.

The senior-level executive experience of our consulting staff enables us to gain an unmatched understanding of your unique goals, needs, and challenges; and supply the accounting and advisory services that match your needs and offer the highest return on investment.

Enabling CEOs and CFOs to Achieve their Business and Financial Goals

LaptopWithScreeshot-325We deliver exceptional financial expertise enabling businesses to seize opportunities for growth, change and success by tapping into our experience for big-picture issues and strategic challenges.

Planning, Reporting and Management:

Annual budgeting can be a time-consuming burden, but periodic planning and forecasting as an extension of the budget can advance your competitive edge with timely, informed decision making. Our knowledge and experience can help you stay focused and accountable on the long-range goals of your company. Our process includes:

  • Consulting on developing effective planning, budgeting, forecasting and management reporting processes
  • In the consulting role and on behalf of the CFO, we can review the efficiency and effectiveness of his or her department, and make recommendations for improvement
  • Analyze past results for future trends / modeling
  • Creation of senior management dashboards for daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reporting

Driving Change:

The adoption of a common set of strategic goals and objectives by all levels in an organization will help improve efficiencies, costs, and profit margins. Our creative and well-implemented approach to managing operational and strategic business opportunities include:

  • Document decisions made and assist leadership in following through with implementation
  • Company initiatives on setting and achieving goals
  • Review of the financial management organization and assist management with specific aspects of operations
  • Review of pricing policies, cost controls, expense allocations and other factors that affect decision making and improve profitability
  • Facilitation of the conversion to a new accounting system via project management and advisory services

Strategic Planning:

With all the complexities associated with the executive team’s job, it often makes sense to have a sounding board for issues requiring a high degree of expertise. Our consultants can provide these high value-added services:

  • Consult and develop strategies for maximizing company performance and profits
  • Steer and lead partners to decisions that align with agreed strategy
  • Chair effective partners meetings with Agenda and appropriate level of professionalism

Benchmarking of Key Business Drivers:

We provide technical accounting services when a high level of technical understanding is required or when resources are constrained:

  • Develop appropriate KPIs and benchmarks for company’s performance

Due Diligence:

We provide the tools and expertise to keep your “financial house” in order and speed the closing process:

  • Fulfill an existing CFO role that has been vacated
  • Engage an interim temporary CFO to provide decision-makers more time to fulfill a permanent CFO search
  • Assist with a special transaction such as M&A due diligence and/or integration, growth and market expansion
  • Develop pre-audit workpapers for sales
  • Gather all relevant documents that will likely be required by the acquiring firm